Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the great doily roundup

Less than 2 weeks.
It goes by fast. I keep getting asked, "are you getting nervous?"
i was like "no."
and then wondering why people keep asking me about being nervous.
Then I realized that I have less than 2 weeks to get it all together.
Champagne. bought. (sparkling wine. good enough).
rings. check.
dress. check. though shoes are an issue. the dress is short, so you can see them. they need to be comfortable. yet not look grannyish.

the house is not ready to receive company. the dining room paint job needs to be completed.
how do you clean house when you have boxes of stuff for the great event?
Green glass that needs to be cleaned and taken to the reception area?
silver teapots and pitchers that need to be cleaned and ready to recieve flowers to go to the park?
and all the other stuff that one accumulates in a "do it your self wedding"?
oh yeah, and in the middle of the mess I've been doing the great doily round-up of 2014.
I have several really nice hand crocheted table clothes.
I don't want to risk something bad happening to them.
stains and the like.

What's been on my radar:
Banshee. That guy is hot. and smart. the show is produced by Alan Ball. Could be better (it's no six feet under), but there is lots of sex. and fighting. but sex. amish sex.

Monday, March 3, 2014

snow day and macrame. a study.

I just cleaned a large chunk of garlic out of my engagement ring.

I took today as a snow day.
even though the roads were navigable.
all that talk of terrible conditions, I pretty much talked myself into a snowday.
What do people do on a snow day? they cook!

yesterday was pizza day.

I made an attempt at pan pizza. 
I should have turned the oven up for a little bit crispier crust. 
Crust: water (1.5 c), salt, yeast,  bread flour (3 cups)
Threw in to the mixer, kneaded for 6 minutes, then made into a ball, coated with spray and plastic,
then sat in fridge for 8 hours. 
though the recipe really said overnight.
evidently pizza crust dough does it's best work when it's wet and sits for several hours in the fridge. 

The sauce turned out pretty good too, but i really winged it.
onion, garlic, oil, tomato paste, large can of whole tomatoes, and sugar. cooked, then used the hand blender.
added a dash of sherry wine (schnucks brand) and butter and hand grated Parmesan cheese. it simmered for several hours. 

Today, I tackled a rump roast. I cut off the fat first, and then thought that the roast might need it, so i tied it back on. See below. It's kinda like macrame. I won't qualify for america's best homecook. 
I inserted some garlic, stuck it in the oven, at 375 for 45 minutes, then turned it down to 250 until it's done. 
hopefully this one won't turn out dry. I want leftover roast beef sandwiches. 

Crispy. a Snow Day. 

You can't see the bald spot on his belly.
I think it's from laying on the heat vent. 
i think it's singeing the hair off.
the Muscle thinks he has a weird disease. 

There are 2 lamps because i'm moving some stuff around to finish painting the dining room before
Invites are out. 
Shit is getting real.
i might have said that before.
tonight is a bookclub shower.
and i've been eating like i don't have a wedding in 6 weeks.
I"m a stress eater.
i love cheetos and oreos. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Concert Tip

Never sit next to the couple who look  like they are trying to emulate the characters in Portlandia at a Pageant. 
They usually have a pizza from Pi (either they are actively eating it, or it is leftover from their pre-show nosh.)
and at least one of them is drinking wine from a plastic cup. 

They will be obnoxious the whole show. He will be the guy who tries to yell witticisms at the performer on stage, most of which don't make sense, and aren't really that witty and she will talk over the performer for most of the show. 

Even though before the show she tries to befriend you as a fellow fan. 
She's such a fan that she's 'not familiar" with the opening act. 
You know. Teddy Thompson. Richard Thompson's son. and they've done several projects together.

In general, be wary of anyone who orders wine at the Pageant. 
Nothing good will come of it. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life Lesson...

Be wary of going to the gym for a weights class after eating 4 Fiber One 90 calorie coffee cakes.

you are welcome.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Richard & Tedding Thompson

Next up on the concert calendar: Richard and Teddy Thompson. holla! 

Shovels and Rope sold out. D'oh! But i don't like going to sold out shows. it's hard to enjoy the show when you're hot and can't really see. 

there are a bunch of shows coming to town. With wedding crap going on, it kind of slows down concert schedule. 

I cheated on my Annie Sloan Stockist. 
sorry TooDaLoo.
I wanted some white wax, locally there was a dealer in Columbia, Illinois for Miss Mustard Seed. 
I loaded the Muscle into the car, programmed the GPS, and headed across the river. 
It always feels like a long road trip once i've crossed the Mighty Mississippi.
Even though it was a 20 minute drive.
Knott So Shabby.

It was a small jar. 
and she had Annie Sloan Paint.
I tried not to buy.
but I couldn't help myself.
She had small pots (aka "jars") of Duck Egg.
so i bought it. 
I am weak. 

I'm saving a purchase of Henrietta or Anotinette for TooDaLoo. I promise. 

I'll post a pic when i figure out which project i'm going to use it on.

I also have plans to take an older, stained lamp shade and painting it, using a fabric paint medium. 
it might be a way to cheaply fix up old lamp shades. 
okay, i have my doubts, but i'm going to try it. 

Spring is coming! Spring is coming!

Winter will not last forever. We're finally experiencing a break. A thaw.
and it's killing my head.
But i'm not complaining. I walked the park last night.
I forget fresh air, the breathable kind, you know, the kind that doesn't freeze the inside lining of your lungs, feels like.
A renewal.
and then i went home and went to bed.
Almost like my body was like, "hey, need to fit in the last of the hibernation before the green comes back."

What's been up, you ask?

Wedding. Been making wool hearts like a mad woman. I figure I need 24-30 of them. I think I"m over halfway there. TI haven't made backs for them yet. I just don't like doing backs. It feels like a waste of wool to me, but without a back, it doesn't look finished. My friend Nicole likes to cut things. We'll have a cocktail and cutting night one weekend. She can cut out the backs while I stitch them. It'll be an awesome girlfriend bonding experience.
I can't figure out how to rotate image. 
sorry. but it's one group of hearts. 

The invites are coming along. I took them to office max to print them.  The color wasn't exactly what I thought they'd be, and I would make a few changes, in the end, it's just not worth it. The perfect shade of lavender and green, really not worth the added expense. Word to the wise: be care of saving as a PDF to have printed. It added a quarter of an inch margin, which caused a minor WTF! when I started cutting the invites. I've decided that it's a life lesson and not that important.
a prototype
and do it yourself invite. 
made with love. 
even if it's a little off.

Pattyann and I went to our favorite auction place.
Actually, we went a few weeks ago, but it turns out that it was cancelled because of ice. 
here's the thing. There was only a little ice in the City. and it had melted quickly. 
by time we got to Bonne Terre, cars were sliding off the road. 
This was the main road where we watched the truck try to make a turn and end up in a ditch. 
We were both like, "what is he doing?" not realizing that the ice was bad. 
This was on a main road (well, as main of a road as you get in Bonne Terre, MO). 
The auction is off a highway named after a letter. It's hilly and curvy. 
and covered with ice. 
But we weren't turning back.
we came too far to miss the auction. 
So we traveled  2 miles down a dangerous ice covered road. 
only to find that the auction had been cancelled that day. 
Mind you, turning around was even more  treacherous. 
And we were disappointed.

needless to say, a few weeks later, we weren't the only junkers chomping at the bit to buy some good junk. 
And they were willing to pay. 
which kind of sucks the fun out of the auction. 
I like my junk cheap. 
I did buy a doily table cloth/bed spread for $17.50. I lost the first one to a dealer was willing to pay $20. so I let her. Sure, I know that these are usually around 40$ at antique malls, but still. She would have gotten it cheap if i had been there. And i would have gotten mine for like $5 if she hadn't been there. The auction people are grateful when we push up prices. 

I did get some lamps for a $1 (the shades were worth that alone). 
pattyann got a deal on some decorative plates and platters. I don't know the name, but on ebay, the plates (not including teh fancy plate frame they were in) went for $20-$50 each. 
It was still a cold day. and the field was covered in snow and ice. walking was treacherous (someone had put sawdust down to make it a little less slick). We didn't stay the whole time. instead, we chose to go home and count the treasures we did get.

I did get a green cake plate. score! 

Crispy says happy valentines day.
in a wool heart made just for him.
the Muscle calls it his "heart cape". 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding vows...

The Muscle and I are making it legal.
Who would have ever thought? right.
I thought I was better than marriage.
But now I'm 40 and engaged.

Wedding planning is stressful. I'll leave it at that.
I don't want to spend any money we don't have on it.
and i want it to be fun.
and meaningful for him and me.

I've had a blast using pininterest for ideas.
The wedding is at Tower Grove Park.
The "Evening Supper" (aka reception) is at Fredericks of Festus. (Kerry, the own and a family friend has been entirely too generous when it comes to this wedding).
All I know is that i want to incorporate doilies, green glass, and pennywool into the overall wedding design. I've been making wool hearts with plans to decorate the "head" table.

From Pininterest: the use of a old clawfoot tub to use to hold ice and drinks.
I have one of those in the garage.

Also from Pininterest: do a cake vignette with a trunk. or for the  gifts. or the guestbook.
Yeah, I have one of those in the garage too.

use mismatched china for the plates.
Yeah, I probably have enough china to feed 50 people. At least.

See where i'm going with this.
I have been collecting things my whole life for this day.
but now i don't feel liek dragging most of it out.
i was informed that nobody in the family is going to load and unload a cast iron tub from the garage to Tower Grove Park.

But it would be an awesome idea.

The Muscle actually said to me the other day "Baby, you can't do everything you see on Pininterest".
Okay, maybe he has a point.


We're disagreeing on vows. He wants me to promise to obey.
i think he's testing me.
I ask him why he's setting me up to fail.

Mostly, he doesn't want it to be too long.
I want it to cover the basics. Life is hard and we're gonna go through it together.
We're partners.

The front-runner right now:

"Through the pressures of the present and uncertainties of the future, I promise to love, honor and cherish you through all the days of my life."

I mean every word.